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Web Design References

Some good Web design books.

Jeffrey Zeldman, Taking your talent to the Web. New Riders 2001. ISBN 0-7357-1073-2
This is a great introduction to all aspects of Web design. Although the book is aimed at graphic designers, I recommend it to anyone because its coverage is wide and deep and up-to-date.
Steve Krug, Don’t make me think! A common sense approach to Web usability. New Riders 2000. ISBN 0-7897-2310-7
You can read all the Jakob Nielson you want after you had an introduction to usability, but you must look at Krug first. A pleasure to read.
Crawford Killian, Writing for the Web: writers’ edition. Self-Counsel Press 2000. ISBN 1-55180-207-4
Effective writing for the Web is usually very spare and economical. This is all the more reason to craft your copy and make every word count. There’s also a ‘Geeks’ Edition’ for people like me
Curt Cloninger, Fresh styles for Web designers: eye candy from the underground. New Riders, 2002. ISBN 0-7357-1074-0
This one is fun. Defines and dissects the trendiest looks of last year, and shows you how to implement them yourself.
Derek Powazek, Design for community. New Riders 2001. ISBN 0-7357-1075-9
About the technical, design and social aspects of managing a Web-based community site, forum, billboard or mailing list.
Joe Clark, Building accessible websites. New Riders 2003. ISBN 0-7357-1150-X
Accessibility is basic. Like physical accessibility in architecture it affects everyone, not just the disabled, and goes hand-in-hand with coding to standards.
Håkon Wium Lie and Bert Bos, Cascading style sheets: designing for the Web. Addison-Wesley, 1997. ISBN 0-201-59625-3
The reference on CSS, by the people who designed the standard.
Robert Bringhurst, The elements of typographic style. H&M, 1992, 2002. ISBN 0-88179-132-6
Not a Web book per se, but if you do anything that involves fonts, look at this book first.